In today's digital landscape, where technology is a pivotal driver of competitive advantage, the importance of a comprehensive, user-friendly, and secure mobile app is paramount for businesses. This is where my expertise, enriched with an enthusiasm for Artificial Intelligence and Large Language Models (LLMs), becomes invaluable.

My Background and Expertise

With over two decades in software engineering, I specialize in super-app development for mobile banking. My technical acumen spans Java, TypeScript, Groovy, Angular, Cordova, and more, extending to database design, microservices, containerization, and strategic architecture design. Recently, I've also developed a keen interest in AI, particularly in LLMs, which complements my existing skills and offers new avenues for innovation in app development.

The Value I Bring

My journey has empowered me to transform mobile applications into comprehensive financial ecosystems, integrating multiple platforms into one seamless interface without sacrificing security. My newfound interest in AI and LLMs adds a layer of cutting-edge technology, enabling smarter, more intuitive user interactions.

Noteworthy Achievements

At Allo Bank in Indonesia, as an Application Fullstack SME, I align technology with business goals, ensuring optimal integration of technologies and scalable solutions. At PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, I set technology standards, enhancing customer trust. Leading the backend for Livin by PT Bank Mandiri Tbk, I delivered secure, high-performance APIs for a vast user base.

How Can I Help Your Business?

Leveraging my experience, technical expertise, and AI insights, I aim to help businesses expand their reach with a superior mobile app. I believe that a well-crafted app satisfies immediate needs and sets the stage for future growth. Whether starting a digital journey or enhancing existing services, my blend of traditional expertise and AI enthusiasm positions me to guide this process effectively.

Feel free to reach out for a discussion on how we can collaboratively work towards creating a potent mobile presence that serves your customers better and propels your business to new heights.